About Me

   Hi my name is Geannina Gutiérrez.  I am an Illustrator, Visual Developer and Fabricator based in Illinois. I was born in Costa Rica as an only child and when I was five years old my parents moved to the United States. As a dyslexic person, instead of writing, I would make things with whatever I could get my hands on and spend my time telling stories both orally and visually.  

    In 2012 I went to the American Academy of Art in Chicago as an Illustrator, but later switched to Watercolor. I then took a year off to go study Life Drawing at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy.  This is a Fine Art School that uses techniques based on the old Masters from the Renascence. After completing a year in Florence I returned to Chicago and in 2017 graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Watercolor. 

    What I enjoy doing most is creating visual stories. The creative process of illustration and storytelling brings a deeper dimension to my work. I want to take that further into movies, Table Tops, and RPG style video games.  I want to be part of something bigger and make amazing stories to present to the world.

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