If you are interested in a commission, please email or send a note with the title "Commission" and the following info in the following format:


BASIC Information to consider:


-Prices will fluctuate depending on the complexity of the request after discussing the subjects and prices; you'll receive a PayPal invoice. The sooner you pay, the sooner I can begin your commission. Your PayPal


address: desired commission type: Your PayPal account e-mail: Required (I can only accept payments in PayPal. No checks or cash. Sorry!) Once I've replied to you with a price and you've accepted the price, please send the money to OddlyCute13@Gmail.com. PayPal always charges a transaction fee unless you choose to send the money under the category of "gift" to friends and family. You don't have to do this but I would appreciate it since the fees do add up to a lot.


- Commissioned work from me may not be used commercially unless previously discussed. Let me know if its ok to post progress photos on my social-minded.

-Image refs of your characters or subject matter:

short description of the character or mood:

Other comments or information:  Any additional details and references on what you would like the drawing to look like is ok. Feel free to tell me anything you think I should know. Questions are welcomed. After the drawing is complete, you will have another chance to request minor adjustments such as color and atmosphere, but nothing extreme like a different pose or additional stuff not mentioned before.

Please remember that I can't read minds so unless you specifically tell me that you want something, otherwise I won't know.


-If I decide to use your commission as a print or in merchandise, I will contact you for permission before doing so.


-Estimated time varies per client. Discuss any deadlines with me prior to making payments; otherwise I’ll take as long as I think I need. Which depending what it is can be a week or a month? If you want to have this ready by a specific date, please don't come to me at the last minute.

Commission Info

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