(n.) The delusion of things being more 

beautiful than they really are.


Bringing back an old legend and giving it a new breathe of life I use my modern sphinx as my main subject in my watercolor paintings. Having them express themselves with exaggerated bodies to emphasize the movement and emotions that I want to achieve. Because a sphinxes history is still uncertain, they don’t have there own time line. No one is certain when they existed or where they come from. The most common adaptations are the Egyptian and Roman sphinx.  However they are mostly used as objects without a story. I want to display them as a living thing with feelings and giving them their own story to tell.  So I created an appropriate environment based on the Victorian eras to emit a more romantic feeling.

By not having a specific gender, I have allowed myself the freedom to paint the figures as I see fit.  Knowing I have the freedom to experiment with my medias because watercolor has a mind of its own, and it goes where it wants to I feel that it’s a perfect medium to paint the unknown.